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There is widespread frustration among New Zealand farmers and growers with both the scale and the pace of environmental regulations, many of which are completely unworkable. Groundswell has received lots of feedback from farmers and rural communities, setting out how the emissions pricing options currently proposed under He Waka Eke Noa will be both unworkable in practice and damaging to our farming sector. (Part 1)

Faced with this, Groundswell NZ have developed an alternative to the He Waka Eke Noa options, as part of a new farmer-led approach that integrates all environmental issues under one policy framework. (Part 2)

Our proposal has massive benefits for both the environment and farmers, but for it to succeed, it needs the overwhelming support of farmers and growers. With your support, we can end the constant flood of top down, costly, and unworkable regulations. Supporting this proposal is letting the Government know we have had enough.

We are calling on our industry representatives to start supporting grassroots farmers’ ideas, rather than continually pushing unworkable government regulations onto us.

There will not be a second chance at this. If a clear message is not sent to the Government, that they must put a halt to heavy handed and impractical environmental regulations, they will continue indefinitely.

Please use our tool to submit to the He Waka Eke Noa Partnership in support of our proposal, and share the tool with every farmer, grower, and rural support business you know.
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Agricultural emissions workable solution

After careful review of the pricing options, it has become obvious to Groundswell NZ that He Waka Eke Noa (HWEN) has been shifted from its founding principle, to incentivise uptake of new technology and management, towards a broad-based tax on farming.

The pricing options currently proposed will allow the Government of the day to tax farmers at a price level of their choosing. If these options proceed, He Waka Eke Noa emissions pricing will not be based on agriculture’s effect on climate, but rather set to achieve arbitrary government targets, which have no basis in science.

Groundswell NZ has developed a proposal for an alternative solution which would achieve the majority of the expected emission reductions with a fraction of the cost.
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New Zealand Integrated environmental policy framework

One of the main concerns for farmers and the wider business sector is the extent of unworkable environmental policies and regulations coming from the government. Research has shown this is causing significant issues for rural mental welfare, loss of confidence in the future of agriculture in New Zealand, and farmers of all ages exiting the industry.

The cumulative amount of compliance has brought the rural sector to a tipping point.

Evidence has also shown that many of the policies and regulations are worse for the environment. A significant cause of this is policy making in silos. This is delivering perverse outcomes and unintended consequences, not to mention the duplication of work and the huge waste of time and money. By way of example, conflicting policies already cause both the loss of productive farms and the destruction of native shrub lands, because climate change policies incentivise the large-scale planting of pine trees.

Groundswell NZ believes all farmers and growers should be proactive in addressing our environmental challenges and that the vast majority are already on board with that aim. However, farmers are fed up with central government dictating one size fits all, top-down, impractical regulations and stripping local government of the flexibility to tailor policy to their own areas.
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Thank you to everyone who made a submission in support of New Zealand farmers and growers.
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